Chemical Peels in 10017

Chemical Peels in 10017

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Since skin cells are part of a living organ of the body your skin is constantly changing and is subject to assaults from bacteria, internal as well as external irritants, sun damage and aging. This can lead to skin conditions that leave you looking and feeling less than perfect. The good news is that as we learn more about how the body and the skin in particular reacts to various conditions the more that can be done to restore the skin. There have been quite a few innovations that medical science has developed to bring your skin back to its former beauty. For instance, at our You Rejuvenated practice we offer chemical peels in 10017.

Chemical peels, as the name implies, remove the top two layers of the skin to reveal the clearer more even toned skin underneath. The latest breakthrough in chemical peels in 10017 is the Derma “Perfect” Peel. Derma “Perfect” Peel is a combination of several ingredients designed to help the skin shed those top two layers as well as nourish the skin underneath and consists of phenol, kojic, salicylic acids, retin-A, vitamin C, and a key ingredient never before used in a peel. This peel is extremely helpful in the treatment of various skin conditions including acne scarring, controlling breakouts, controlling skin tone variations, getting rid of red and blotchy spots. While most people consider peels as being for the face our peel is also useful on the chest or anywhere else where skin problems exist. Many of our patients find that it is great for making the skin on their chests look as youthful as the skin on the face.

Chemical peels in 10017 are quick and painless procedures, our nurse Liliya Shikh, RN a medical professional with over 40 years of experience and training simply applies the peel lotion to the affected area. The procedure typically takes 10-15 minutes and three days later the skin where the product was applied starts to just peel off. We typically recommend a series of three Derma “Perfect” Peel applications to obtain maximum results. Call our office for an appointment to rejuvenate your skin.

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